I had the enormous blessing of spending a month in Peru doing a medical rotation at Diospi Suyana Hospital–a missionary hospital established 11 years ago in the poorest state of Peru. I spent half of my time in adult/pediatric outpatient clinics and the other half in anesthesiology. This trip allowed me to learn much about God, about his promises and love for me, and his creation. While I was initially scared to travel alone to a rural site, God allowed for my parents to accompany me, and softened their hearts towards mission work and medicine. They had been adamantly against my choice in career for as long as I can remember, but the trip opened their eyes to the health care needs many Peruvians faceā€”this translated into them happily encouraging me to care for patients. I am so grateful to CMDA for the financial and spiritual support provided in this trip. I pray, and ask that you pray with me, for God to continue to guide me in my career and life, and that I may serve Him always.

Karina Espinoza
4th year medical student at VCU School of Medicine