Meet Thomas Siff

Congratulations to our very own Thomas Siff! Thomas has been selected to serve as one of the CMDA Northeast Regional Student Representatives. Thomas is a second year MD/PhD student at Virginia Commonwealth University, where he serves as a CMDA chapter leader. He did his undergraduate training in biochemistry at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia before coming to Richmond.

 Thomas stated: When I moved to Richmond, it was almost like starting college all over again. I knew nobody in town, was completely unfamiliar with the city, and my closest relatives lived over an hour away. I knew right away that I wanted to build a Christian community that could not only walk through life with me, but help me learn how to live out my faith in the medical field. CMDA Richmond (RCMDA) really provided that opportunity for me through the ministry of Dr. Armistead, Dr. Mattox, and the other members of the Richmond Council as well as the peer relationships I built among other medical students through CMDA. As I started attending more regional and national events, I began to realize that RCMDA is truly special; their ministry to students and professionals in our area is almost unparalleled in quantity and quality of events and opportunities for building relationships compared to the rest of the Northeast Region.

I decided to apply for the position of Northeast Regional Student Representative because I want to see the same opportunities that helped me mature in my faith and my medical practice extended to every student and health professional in the Northeast Region. I believe CMDA has so much to offer if only people knew about it, so I plan to focus my two-year term in this role on building interpersonal connections between local chapters, developing regional and national events/curricula that address current issues and needs in our region, and finding ways to help Christian students of all denominations feel like a part of a Kingdom movement that is changing lives and standing for truth in a culture that is quickly moving away from Biblical values. I also plan to personally meet with local leaders of other chapters in Virginia and nearby states to discuss ways that they can improve student involvement, provide relevant content, and connect to other chapters for mutual support. I truly believe in CMDA and all it stands for, and I want to do my part to help other students become an active part of an organization that will support them and help them mature as professionals and as Christ-followers. 

To connect with Thomas, he can be reached at [email protected]