When: Saturday, January 4, 2020 from 8-11:30 am  |  Where: St. Giles Presbyterian Church (5200 Grove Ave, Richmond 23226, VA)

Imago Dei

by James Anderson, MD
CMDA Richmond Council Member

Healthcare responsibility is and has been a wonderful vehicle to live out the marvelous truth and reality of Imago Dei. This truth, that God made humans in ‘His Image’ creates the very foundation as to how we value and treat people. This becomes the rudder of our decision-making process with all relationships—family, friends, as well as with our patients.

Imago Dei establishes the infinite worth and value of every human being because every human is created and designed by God. Since we are designed after His Image, we have been crafted and shaped to love people and to be a vessel of His goodness. This makes serving in Healthcare a privilege because it is so consistent with our design. Treating patients with value and dignity becomes a natural expression of our Creator’s design in us.

This truth and reality of Imago Dei also guide our decision-making process when confronted with today’s complex medical ethical issues. Because of the infinite value and worth of each patient, we remain an advocate and voice for our patients. This truth guides us when dealing with legislation and mandates that are harmful to our patients. Because of the complexity of these issues and the polarization of our culture, CMDA Richmond has been hosting ethical meetings one Friday a month and we will host a morning conference entitled “Living out Imago Dei in Today’s Healthcare Environment”.

We will look at:

1. Legalized abortion up to the day of delivery

2. Legalized Physician-assisted suicide

3. Drug therapy to delay puberty

4. Right of conscience and new guidelines

Videos from the Conference